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As cat owners, it goes without saying that we love our feline friends. And of course, we want to take extra good care of them so we can spend as many years as possible with our loyal companions.

Everyone agrees that cats need to be seen by a vet for regular checkups, shots and on those occasions when they’re not feeling so well. You want the best medical care possible for your cat, and so off you drive to the local vet clinic. The cage, the car, the noisy dogs and then a vet who doesn’t like cats!! No wonder cats don’t like going to the vet.

But wait a minute.

There is something you can do to ensure your cat's vet clinic experience will be a positive one. Rather than taking your cat to a general practice veterinarian who sees dogs, cats, hamsters, rats and any other furry or feathered friend, why not take them to a cat-only veterinarian. The decision is up to you.

Way back in 1978, our founder Dr Vic Menrath, recognised how stressed cats became at a regular vet clinic and trip tp the vet was often a very negative experience for both cat and owner. He knew of the documented studies showing elevated stress levels in cats if they’re in the same room or even the same building with dogs. What could be done to help out our feline friends?

That’s when The Cat Clinic was born.

Since the focus of our three practices (Mt Gravatt, Paddington and Clayfield) is exclusively for cats, the environment is quieter and calmer, which means your cat will experience less stress, will heal better, recover quicker and most will actually enjoy their visit.

And of course all of our staff love cats! They have dedicated their professional lives to providing world-class medical, surgical & nursing care for your cat. We use the correct equipment – that is designed & scaled to fit your cat’s body. Focusing on one species means we’re more informed about the issues regarding cat medicine & health.

The benefits of specialty

It is quite reasonable to assume that if you do something over and over you will get really good at it and, in fact, learn to detect certain nuances that others without that experience might miss.

The benefit of our cats-only practices is three fold.

It's good for your cat, for you and for the vet.

Because we only treat cats, our vets have become leading experts in specialised medical procedures. As such we’re not just a vet practice, but an established hospital, intensive care unit and after hours service. With combined accommodation for 70 cats (and no dogs), even when we’re full, the environment is still quiet, calm & will be as stress-free as possible for your cat.

So phone us today. Your cat will thank you for it.